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Veronica Varlow
  -  Dirty. Glamour. Realness. Life in NYC.   -  My Glamour Superstar Inspiration: Candy Darling

Picture 127
You asked me who my glamour inspirations are and as I’m about to create my own badass gang of inspiration for 2014 – this superstar goddess came to my mind.
Delving into her diary…I found her secret words to charge up her confidence…and I don’t think she’d mind a bit if I dished them to you…

I found her in a record store.
She was on the cover of the Smiths 7″ vinyl of “Sheila Take A Bow”.
I had to find out who she was.
Miss Candy Darling.
Picture 131
She had passed away before I was born.
But I held onto her.
I taped pictures of her that I found on my wall
beside Marilyn
beside Sid Vicious…
She was my favorite of them all.
Picture 128
In her diary – she scrawled:
I will not cease to be myself for foolish people.
You must always be yourself no matter what the price.

Picture 133
Through her photos
and her words
she beckoned me to push myself to the truest version of me.

My mantra for 2014 is:
Picture 134

Will you be wild with me?
Will you reach deep down this year
and crave your own wild self?
Will you destroy those self-doubts
smash them into pieces
and be re-born
with the beautiful chaos of
a free

Howl with me.
Show me who you really are.
I can take it.

Two heroes of mine together - Candy Darling and Tennessee Williams

Two heroes of mine together – Candy Darling and Tennessee Williams

Let’s create whatever we want together.

Candy’s ghost shall help guide us
and the words that she left behind in her diary.
And the words she wrote and said to herself
to boost her own confidence
shall fall upon
our own lips:

I am an irresistible magnet.
With the power to attract onto myself
everything that I divinely desire
According to my thoughts, feelings
and the mental pictures that I constantly entertain
and radiate.

What happens when you say these words twice a day for 30 days?
Let’s find out.

Who are your style/live wild icons?
Please post their pictures in the comments and tell me how they inspire you.

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