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Picture 24Hello, Lovers!

The Danger Diary is almost sweet 16 months old!

We have a full-on relationship going now.

Some of you might be new, and some of you might be hardcores who were there at the very first post… but I thought it would be fun to play a game with you.

Here’s 10 things you may not know about me….(and if you read them, I’m fully expecting you to put yours in the comments and share with your friends – I wanna hear it all!) So here it is – the heartbreaking and the wild:

1. I lost the majority of my history in a fire.

In April of 2011, our home burned to the ground in the middle of the night. We lost the majority of our history. Miraculously, a few half-burned photos survived but sadly, most was lost. Many of the journals I wrote in over the years were destroyed with just pieces blown in the wind to recover. I started blogging afterwards so my memories wouldn’t be lost.  Here’s a piece I found in the rubble:


2. An Animal taught me how to walk and talk.

My dog, Sneaky, graciously let me hold onto her collar as I learned to walk. I took my first steps beside her when I finally let go of her collar. My first words were: “Woof, woof, Sneaky.”


3. I was attacked in the face by a rottwelier.

While volunteering at an animal shelter, a rottweiler ripped off my nose and just missed my left eye by millimeters.
This incident was one of the most defining moments of my life.
This made me question what my dreams were, how I was living my life and why I wasn’t going for my true goals when life is so short. I started doing burlesque shortly afterwards. I look back at that rottweiler now as an angel who came in and woke me up. Here’s the dog’s picture that I screencapped after the attack from the shelter website. I’ve never shared it before. If it wasn’t for this one, my life would turned out very different. So grateful that our paths crossed….


4. I’m obsessed with playing guitar.

I have impressive callouses on the fingertips of my left hand which I will happily show off to anyone who cares. I played “Love Interruption” for my teacher on Tuesday, and I’m currently working on “Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground”. I’ve been writing songs since I was little, and I’m excited to figure out the chords to play them with on guitar. I commit to making a little video clip to share with you in the next month!


5. I’m Bi-Sexual.

I’ve been attracted to girls for as far back as I can remember. My first ever kiss was from a girl in Spin the Bottle and my first move-in-together partnership was with a girlfriend when I was 19. She was also my 24-year-old boss, and that’s a whole other juicy story that I will *ahem* save for another time. I’ve only kissed 5 guys in my whole life (and that’s just kissed, People, my sleep-with number is way less), but I have however, lost count of the girls I’ve kissed at this point. This one is my favorite – rocking it out on stage with Emilie Autumn:

6. I have a Kidnapping Adventure Fetish.

I obsess about plotting kidnapping adventures. I once pulled off an elaborate kidnapping of my husband – where he was thrown in the back of a van with a pillowcase over his head and dumped in the front of JFK airport with a one-way ticket to New Orleans, a 1920s decoder ring, a message, a passport and $40 with “for food” written on it. At the end of a full day of clue finding, adventuring and airline travel, he found me in the French Quarter covered in rose petals in the oldest hotel in New Orleans.

7. I Have Social Anxiety Sometimes and When I Get Nervous I Walk On My Toes or Chew The Inside of My Mouth.

8. I’m a Natural Blonde.

Picture 21

9. I Knew From The Very First Moment I Saw Burke That I Would Marry Him Someday…(and he was totally freaked out by me).

Rightly so.

This hot and badass one is my soul mate:


10. My Name and Hair Style Comes From My First Cartoon Girl Crush…..Veronica from the Archies:

Picture 10

Now YOU tell me yours in the comments.
I dare you.
Spill it.
Share this with your friends and RT –
Let’s have a wild comment party.
I’m waitin’.
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