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Veronica Varlow
  -  Beauty Tips   -  My 6 DIY Natural Beauty Secrets

I have committed many a beauty sin in my lifetime.
Waking up in my makeup from last night, dancing all night or performing in smoke filled clubs over the years, throwing myself in the gutter with my friends at the end of wild nights – I’ve done it all.

3 weeks ago, I became vegan and I’m now I’m obsessed with reading labels of my food and products to see what I’m actually putting on or in my body.

Yes – this body is a wild punk rock voodoo burlesque temple, but it’s still a temple – and I need to treat it accordingly!

Here’s my 6 DIY Beauty secrets that axes the chemicals that corporations wanna put in your body.

Let’s GO!

Rock and Roll Hair
You know you want it. Shiny, strong, wild. Winter dulls the hell out of my hair and this is what I do every other week to make it shine:

♥  Puree 1 banana and 1 avocado until smooth (if you don’t have a blender – you can also take out your anger by hand-mashing these two and that’s always fun and works just as well)
♥  Make sure your hair is washed, clean and damp. Then comb this glam mixture right through it.
♥  Put your hair up in a shower cap for 30 minutes and let it soak through and work its magic.
♥  Rinse and feel like you’re ready to take on the world.

Extra Bonus Tip:
Wanna Instant Rock and Roll Foot Massage?

On tour, we do the above hair mask every other week while we’re beating the hell out of our hair every night with curling irons and rollers.   Well, it leaves you with a bunch of avocado pits!  Throw them on the floor and put the bottoms of your feet on them. Roll them back and forth for instant rock and roll foot massage.

Picture 33
Teeth with BLING
As a burlesque girlie, I love sparkly things – and I love to make my teeth shine. It’s no secret that especially while on the road and pulling wild hours, I am a latte addict. But all that coffee? Not so cute on teeth…. so here’s what I do:
This trick is pretty hardcore – so only do this once a month.

♥  Take 1 full ripe strawberry and 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mash em’ together.
  Carefully put on teeth and let sit for 10-30 minutes (whatever you can take).
♥  Brush off and rinse for sparkle.
The natural acids in the strawberry will help eat away at those stains or spots on teeth.

Extra Bonus Tip:
For healthy teeth and gums – you can swig cold-pressed sesame or sunflower oils for 20 minutes and spit. I do this first thing in the morning during my shower because it’s important to be swishing that oil around for 20 minutes to make it most effective. This process is known as “oil pulling” and it works by pulling the harmful bacteria out of your mouth and gums. Make sure the sunflower or sesame oil says it’s a “cold-pressed” on the label and you’re good to go!

Yummy Elbow and Knee Skin Smoother
Half the months out of the year, I’m usually on tour – slamming my knees down and sliding on stages, getting into dance choreo fights, and climbing up metal ladders. When I’m back in New York City, and rocking the burlesque circuit, I can’t have scars, bruises and rough skin under those satin gloves and silk stockings I’m about to peel off.

Here’s my easy homemade trick:
♥  Take 1 orange and cut in half – rub each half on knees.
♥  Take another orange and cut in half – rub each half on elbows.
♥  Rub in for 5 minutes and then let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing off.
The natural acid and vitamins from the oranges will help brighten and soften skin.

Picture 34
Sexy Smooth Legs with Coconut Oil
I am a tall girl and half my body is made up of my legs. For years, I used countless store-bought chemical packed products to get my gams smooth and shiny and NOTHING has worked like good ol’ coconut oil. I’ve posted before about how much I love coconut oil – I cook with it and use it as my ultimate natural beauty product.

Here’s how you rock some serious silky legs:
♥  Take one teaspoon of coconut oil for each leg
♥  Generously rub the coconut oil into your skin (already feels incredible, right?)
  Shave and rinse.
Instant soft, luscious legs to die for!

Radiant Badass Skin with Grapeseed Oil
This is my wild winter tip, but to be honest, I use it all year round. If you are in the part of the world where winter is raging – this is a must. If not, you should still use it, because it’s like heaven to your skin.

Every night (okay, on the nights I remember..) I wash off the cateye liner, the eyelash glue, the wild red lips AND soften my skin – just by doing this!

♥  Massage grapeseed oil face gently with fingertips.

♥  Apply warm washcloth.

It not only cleans my skin and leaves me makeup free, but it’s a powerful antioxidant against aging, makes skin soft and silky, won’t clog pores and is 100% natural. Sign me UP!

Soft Kissable Lips
If you’re more of a “open and apply” girl and less of a DIY addict, I would definitely recommend EOS lip balm in Mint.

While on stage in Illinois, a gorgeous girl threw a present to me during our bows. It was a little blue egg and I quickly became obsessed. I’m mentioning it in this article because it’s 100% natural and is made from vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil and doesn’t have any nasty parabens, petrolatum, or phthalates in it like most lip balms do. It is the one thing I carry with me everywhere and apply constantly. These babies are yummy, last forever, and cost less than $3.50. A damn steal.

Do you guys have any of your own DIY Beauty Secrets or know of any 100% natural brands out there that you love and would recommend? Hit me up in the comments.

Love and Serious Grocery Store DIY Beauty!

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