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Veronica Varlow
  -  Adventures On The Road   -  Word Magic – the Power of Conversation

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”– Martin Luther King Jr.

Picture 13

Magic appears in many forms.  As our tour bus rambles in the night,  magic is in the lines of the highway before me.

The road is a teacher.

Every day for the next month, I will wake up in a new town.  And many times, I will be waking up in a entirely new state.  The bus moves in during the quiet before sunrise and by sunrise the next morning, we are already long gone.

In this next month of touring, in every place I roam, one thing is for sure….I am an outsider.

A traveler.  An observer to it all.

I take in everything that I can.  The way the sun bursts in different colors over different towns, I tape business cards from cool places I find into my diary to find them again, and I always try to hit the local coffee house.

Picture 23

I am here now.

Alone with a latte and my diary.  I look around to all the people around me.  The hum of conversation mixed with the sound of the Clash’s “London Calling” on the speakers.

I think about all of the people here.  I think about what their lives are like, what they do, what they dream of.  I think about if I lived in this town, who would I gravitate toward to be a possible new friend to?

Sitting here now, I think of all of the little cafes I’ve been in over the last five years on the road all over the world.  They are the hubs of towns, of communities, and through the flyers pinned on bulletin boards, the free local newspapers stacked in the corner by the door, and by the art on the walls, I can get a sense of a place.  They are all signs.  Indicators.  Legends on maps.

And here I am surrounded by friends I haven’t met yet. Magpie knows where to find me.  She joins me at the coffeehouse and we make a new little friend named Matilda.
Picture 24

I thought about where the “magic” in a new friendship lies and I kept coming back to one thing…
It’s the conversation that reels me into a friendship.  The communication is what intrigues and pulls me to someone.

In the moment, as I’m sitting here, writing this post,  I have to acknowledge how magical that good conversation can actually be.

  • Have you ever been talking to someone and you are so intensely focused on their story, that it’s as if you are transported to a different place?
  • Have you ever been so immersed in someone’s tale, that you can picture the people and the places in them clearly, although you have never met them or been there before?

There is magic in our imaginations and magic threaded through conversations that transport us.
And then I just thought…..What is my “type” of conversation?
I had never thought of that before.

So I wanted to put out this question to you…..
What is the magical conversational key that will unlock your imagination?

For someone to intrigue you, to lure you in, to hook your attention….what would the conversation be about?

Fill in the blank:  “If you were to talk to me about ____________________, I would be riveted for hours.”

Think about it.

There are clues and pieces of our puzzles everywhere.  We are walking stories come to life.

Talk to me in the comments, I’m curious.  What is your “type” of conversation?

I’ll be back tomorrow and also next Monday with one of my favorite on the road magic tips!  See you then. xoxoxo

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