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Veronica Varlow
  -  Adventures On The Road   -  Things I Think About Thursday: The Games We Play On Tour

In all the places we’ve been…

Me and my London friends outside of the show.  Photo stolen from Mistress Jade.

Me and my London friends outside of the show. Photo stolen from Mistress Jade.

of the many things that were different and new
there was one thing that changed daily life:
no internet.

Our tour bus – the Haunted Snug – our rolling home on wheels – no internet.
The long plane rides from the JFK to Heathrow to St. Petersburg, then to Moscow and back again – no internet.
The overnight train from St. Petersburg to Moscow – no internet.

So we did what you do when there’s no internet.
We made up a lot of games to play.
Which may or may not have included thievery:

My badass bowling shoes

My badass new bowling shoes

So I thought this would be a fun place to share our two favorite games (that won’t land you in jail):

Game 1: What Do You Think About…..?
Captain Maggots made up this game and it gave us a lot to talk about and we learned new things from each other. It’s easy to play – in fact, Burke and I played it last night over dinner and it was hilarious. You simply say the first thing that comes to your mind and the other person tells you their true feelings about it. It could be anything. Some examples are:
“What do you think about the phrase ‘Talk To The Hand’?” – Emilie’s question to us.
“What do you think about the color red?”
“What do you think about twerking?”
“What do you think about Best Friend charms?”

Me, Cheeky Dave and Captain Maggots

Me, Cheeky Dave and Captain Maggots

I was actually surprised at some of the answers. It’s funny that you know people for years and assume that you know the answer they will give and then you discover something completely different.

You wanna play in the comments? Pick one of these 3 questions to answer:
“What do you think about Gizmo from the Gremlins movie?”
“What do you think about fortune cookies?”
“What do you think about dogs in sweaters?”

If you have a story that goes with any of those questions – share it.
It’s addictive.

Me and Chekovmyass in front of the Haunted Snug.  Photo straight up stolen from  Fimbul-vetr

Me and Chekovmyass in front of the Haunted Snug where all these games went down. Photo straight up stolen from Fimbul-vetr

Game 2: Hypothetical Questions
Josh, the sound guy was reading a book called “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs” and in one of the chapters there was a hypothetical question that we asked each other and then we started making up our own. The original question from the book was:

“Answer this question. Let’s say you are given two options: You can either (a) sleep with the world’s most attractive person, but you can tell no one and no one will ever know, or (b) you can walk through life with that person hand-in-hand, creating the illusion to everyone alive that this individual is your lover-even though you will never so much as kiss.

Which do you pick?”

Here’s one Josh made up and I wanted to share with you:

“You are sitting at a coffee shop and you are handed a special drink. If you drink it, you are given the ability to be successful in all of your life dreams (if you’re an artist, people will go mad for your work and will want to collect everything, if you’re a musician, you will sell out massive stadiums every night, if you’re a teacher, your teachings will be spread by television and books and your lessons will help the world.) The only thing is you will lose the memory of all of your friends and family. You will walk out of the coffee shop without anyone and start over completely. You may or may not find your family and friends again – you won’t know who they are even if you do meet them again and there is no guarantee that you will get a chance to meet them again. They are completely blocked from knowing about your fame and fortune and can’t find you that way. If you do meet again, it will be a chance run-in on the street, and you won’t recognize them. You’ll have to start all over.

Do you drink?”

If you choose to answer this question in the comments – you may do so anonymously. Please don’t look at other people’s answers first…only after you posted. The answers are judgement-free. Don’t comment on other people’s answers. I will answer this question and one “What do you think about” question after 25 of you have answered in the comments.


I always choose Gizmo.

Gizmo is Ruler of the Universe. Bow Down.

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