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Veronica Varlow
  -  Adventures On The Road   -  Magic Monday: Weaving Magic Into Your Name

In the past 30 days, I’ve been in 24 states, 28 different cities and 2 countries. We’re still rolling down that highway…in fact, this post is coming to you LIVE from my bunk on our traveling bus….
Good Morning, World!

And as you can imagine, I’ve met a lot of people on this journey….in coffeehouses, at shows, on the streets, in thrift stores, in little cafes. And one thing always strikes me –

How people say their name.

Surprisingly, I notice that most people will say their name matter-of-factly, or they will mumble through it like it’s unimportant. I have a theory about why a lot of people have a hard time remembering other people’s names…

It’s because most people introduce their names in a way that’s easily forgettable.

Notice it next time.

People come to my workshops and classes looking for secrets to stand out, for ways to own a room, to uncover the mysteries behind captivation.

Start here….Say your name like it is a magic word.

It is what you are called, after all. It should be one of the most important mix of letters that pass through your lips. Say it clearly, proudly, loudly.

Let’s make magic together….

Grab a piece of paper.

And imagine this:

The New York Times just wrote a glowing article on you. In a perfect ideal world, what 9 adjectives would they use to describe you?

Keep in mind, this is fantasy time. It doesn’t have to be what you are in this very moment, but something you aspire to be.

Some examples might be: alluring, brilliant, witty, funny, mysterious, captivating, sensual, unique, adventurous, brave…
You get the idea.

Or, if the New York Times is too crazy for your to imagine, simply imagine if someone is talking about you when you aren’t in the room, and they adore you…what 9 adjectives would you want them to use?

On your piece of paper, write these 9 adjectives, each one on its own line….
cut it out and tape it to your mirror.

My specialty is mirror magic. And here on the road, I work magic in dirty punk rock bathrooms in streaked glass.
Picture 62
I believe that the power of seeing your image in the mirror and simultaneously seeing these powerful words next to your image will weave these words into your being. For each one, say…“I am (first name, last name) and I am (fill in the adjective).”

Say it with meaning.
Say it with power.
Say it with sass.
And most importantly, say it like you believe it.
Do this once every day for 10 days.

Notice how you start saying your name with more authority every time.

Notice how those adjectives are silently said….

woven inbetween the spaces of the letters of what you are called.

Next time we meet….put me under your spell.

Hypnotize me with your words.

Captivate me with your name.

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