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Veronica Varlow
  -  Adventures On The Road   -  Magic Monday: Digital Slumber Parties and IM Chats

I found this today in San Francisco.
Picture 54

I took at as a sign.
Doing what I love (hearts) and my favorite number 9.

Yesterday on a plane, sitting next to Burke, we knew that our dream had reached $30,000. I looked at him in the eyes for the first time and said, “You’re going to be directing Revolver this Summer.”

It was the first time I let myself visualize it – or felt like it was safe to visualize it. And it felt really good.

Last night, it was late and I couldn’t sleep. I was having one of our infamous Digital Slumber Parties on Twitter and we were about $60 away from 33,333. So I tweeted that anyone who backed us for that amount would get the prize and get to Skype IM me for 10 minutes right then.

In seconds, it happened.

Moments later, her name popped up on my screen.

I typed: What is your dream?

We’ve been talking so much about mine and so many people have supported me. I want all of our dreams to come true. And to do so, we need to share them with each other.


Picture 56

The sticker I found on the floor of the San Francisco airport right after I found out we hit $33,000.

She shared.

Her dream is to be on Broadway. But we didn’t stop there.

I had her imagine what her stage name would be. I had her think about what it would be like seeing her name on the marquee above the name of the musical. I had her visualize a black towncar driving her to the front and dropping her off in front of the theater. I had her imagine seeing her name clearly on the marquee and then then walking towards the door. In this, she put her hand on the door’s wooden handle and opened it easily. She then stepped right into her dream.

By talking her through it on Skype, I started to imagine her doing that. I started seeing her from my perspective (as if I happened to be walking down the street when her car service pulled up to the theater). I saw her look at her name on the marquee. I could see it, too. And then I saw her confidently go in the theater like she belonged there.

I feel like both of us imagining her doing this, made it even stronger.

And I got off the chat with her feeling really great.

When I allow myself to see other people’s dreams and my own….

life bursts open with possibility.

If you think of your dream, what do you visualize?
What are you doing?
Where are you?
What happens?

Share with me and I’ll visualize it for you, too.

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