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Veronica Varlow
  -  Adventures On The Road   -  Magic Monday: A Charm to Bring Yourself Back to a Place

Just got off a 15 hour flight from our South American Tour… so I’m putting this magic goodness out there and passing the F out.

Today’s charm is inspired by the beautiful people of Latin America. Thank you for being so kickass, passionate and LOUD! Every single second being in your presence was sizzling.

This is what happened when we landed at the airport. It is 40 seconds of pure awesome….

So….what happens when you travel somewhere lovely and you want to be brought back there?

Here’s a charm my Grandma taught me:

Leave an important personal item behind in the space you want to return. Preferably something that you’ve worn a lot that has your energy on it, or something that means a lot to you.

These were my shoes that I toured all over the world with……

They held their own special magic to me because I was wearing them the first time I performed in Europe (a lifelong dream of mine). They took me all the way on the other side of the world, and I left them behind in Australia…

so my feet would find their way back to them.

And 18 months, later they did….the Charm was a SUCCESS!

My feet found their way back to Australia and this wild little guy landed on my arm as I walked through the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney.

Another way to do a successful charm is leaving a lock of your hair behind. I have a braided lock I cut from my hair hidden in a hollow of a grand tree in New Orleans. I also took the hair from my brush and entwined it in the roots of one of these hanging ferns on a wrought iron balcony in the romantic French Quarter.  My wishes grow as the plant does.

I’ll admit it, I have left my DNA behind in locks of my hair hidden in places all over the world.  Most are in hollows of old trees, one is curled behind a brick in a 200 year old fire place, one is hidden under a cobblestone on the garden path where Burke proposed to me, and in the cracks of wooden planks of stages that call me back to dance upon them.

For you.

Lovers, my eyelids are heavy and my mind is swimming with dreams.  My bed is calling…. and someday, I’ll whisper to you the charms hidden under my mattress.  Tomorrow, I’ll be back with How To Tuesday, and Wednesday I’ll let you peek into all the backstage photos of South America.  It’s scandalous!

But until then, here’s a picture of me at 5am on 2 hours of sleep on a lobby floor in Buenos Aires, Argentina, right before my flight home.

Long live this wild rock and roll mess!

Magic Monday’s Question: Where in the world would you leave a lock of your hair or your shoes so your feet could find them again? Whisper to me in the comments…..

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